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Portable CIP System

Useful as a common CIP system for non movable equipments which cannot be moved to cleaning area like Blenders, RMG, Fluid dryers mixing tanks, storage tanks, etc. which do not have their own dedicated CIP arrangement.

The system consists of following components 

Cleaning fluid holding tanks ( 1,2 or 3 as per clients cleaning philosophy ) with suitable heating arrangement wherever necessary.
High pressure pump of suitable capacity and head.
High pressure jet nozzle with retractable hose.
Interconnecting header, piping, valves, etc.
Control panel with starters, indicators, interlocking etc.
Common Trolley
Tank capacities from 100 ltr. to 500 ltr.
Pump capacities up to 3000 ltr. Per hour
Full GMP compliant construction.

Portable CIP System
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